Tempo Skien 2008

Wallet / Bundle of keys
As an extension of ourselves we create a small world with what we perceive to be the necessary things we always carry with us. To some it is the mobile phone and to others it is their glasses, but most of us don’t leave home without our keys and wallet. To lose these is an unpleasant experience, not only because the finder potentially can get a small glimpse into one’s life, but also because a little piece of manifested time has gone missing. Suddenly all the time gone by to make a wallet your own is lost. And it is as if all of Åsil Bøthun’s objects have gone missing. Or rather that they have been replaced: replaced with themselves. For it is not a wallet or some keys that we find lost in Skien, they are reproductions. This exhibition’s smallest sculptures are made out of bronze.

About Åsil Bøthun
Åsil Bøthun’s works are trompe-l'œils, apart from the real things in them that is. Trying to decide which ones are real or not makes me feel like the museum curator in Miranda July’s Me and you and everyone we know. By excelling in representing objects and bringing them to life in specific situations our every day is questioned through her work. Even if Åsil Bøthun toys with fiction too, her proposition is a lot more realistic. Her two works Wallet and Bundle of keys are imagined incidents, in the shape of staged objects on and under two different park benches. They are there, very still, waiting to be discovered, and are like reifications of these incidents. /Anne Szefer Karlsen



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